Portages is a product from Praestan Health, LLC.

Praestan Health started out as behavioral health provider organization with a commitment to delivering care that was significantly better than care as usual. We knew our technology and analytics-driven clinical model could standardize care and ensure more efficient, effective and sustainable health outcomes.

As we talked with providers, health systems and payers about our approach, we realized our solution could have much broader applicability; that by creating it as a SaaS solution, we could revolutionize clinical decision support and treatment planning for behavioral health providers and care managers beyond our organization.

We’re proud to be launching a three-way health plan/health system partnership in July 2018 with Glencoe Health System and Prime West Health, and we look forward to rapidly expanding our partnerships in the future.


Our mission is for everyone to realize and believe in their potential to become their best self and feel healthy, happy, and fulfilled


Our vision to achieve this mission led us to create the solution that will illuminate, prepare, guide, support, and inspire you on a guided journey through real health behavior change to becoming your best self.

Guiding values

Growth: Leading effective and sustainable change in ourselves and in those we serve.